Swap 400+ Coins and Tokens Across 15 Networks

Benefit from easy and transparent swaps without leaving the GamesPad platform, exchange over 400 tokens across 15 blockchains

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Why use the Bridge&Swap widget
Swap over 400 tokens across 15 networks easily and transparently without leaving the GamesPad platform
Forget about losing money in excessive gas fees, pick the network that suits your needs and economize on fees
Access deep liquidity from the leading liquidity providers such as 1Inch, Swing, Paraswap, and Dodo, among others
Benefit from the widest range of available assets on the top DEXes such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Quickswap, Shibaswap, Dfyn, Dinoswap, Apeswap, PancakeSwap, among others
Exchange crypto at the most profitable rates carefully picked for each swap from all the options available in the market
Supported blockchains
Exchange now, within 4 simple steps
Step 1

Connect the wallet

Step 2

Select the token to sell and the network, and type in the sum to sell

Step 3

Select the token to purchase, and the network

Step 4

Proceed with the swap. When it is completed, the purchased tokens will be sent to your wallet.