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With Aguascalien3D, a daughter company of GamesPad
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Aguascalien3D is an AR, VR, XR and 3D development company. Whether you need to create an exciting metaverse experience, virtual simulators, games or any kind of 3D assets, our professional team is here to meet all your development needs.

Our services
Augmented reality development
Leveraging robust augmented reality development, you can deliver spectacular experiences to your customers, allowing them to immerse in the exciting AR game, check how your product would look like in their real-life environment, create product presentations that would come to life with 3D animation, and even more.
Virtual reality development
As VR developers with the vast experience in various industries, we can not only build a high-quality virtual environment, but also help you unleash the full potential of your project using this technlogy. Our passion for virtual reality backed by our expertise makes us your perfect partner.
Mixed reality development
Mixed reality is a big place, where real and virtual worlds collide with a bang. The possibilities are endless, and it starts with your idea. Based on it, we can help you blend physical and digital experiences, unlock natural and intuitive 3D human, computer and environmental interactions, and more.
Multi-platform game development
Game developers, artists, and designers - at Aguascalien3D, we all are detail freaks and perfectionists by passion. Our game development team can create Android, PC, and AR/VR games that people will want to play.
3D development
Build 3D projects for various industries across games, automotive, architecture, and more. Our team is skilled at creating 3D product models, 3D advertising, 3D for urban design, architectural animation, and more. We construct projects of the highest standard on time and on budget.
Brands we worked with
We had the pleasure to work with some of the most influential clients worldwide
When we get to the work, magic happens
Why us?
Individual approach
We understand the importance of customization and we deliver individualized solutions to every client
Passion for top quality
We work hard to develop the highest queslity technology. Nothing mediocre. Only remarkable digital experiences
Industry expertise
Our team of professionals have decades of combined experience in AR, VR, XR, gaming, and 3D development