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A vertically integrated gaming ecosystem supported by the network of studio partnerships and decentralized deal flow.
Joint Venture with a gaming and metaverse studio and the following expansion of the ecosystem.
What makes us different
Holistic gaming ecosystem
GamesPad is a decentralized VC, multichain launchpad, and game incubator that provides equal opportunities for retail buyers to invest in the future built by the most powerful crypto gaming projects. It is focused on the most prosperous fields today – gaming, NFT, and the metaverse.
Thorough due diligence and track record
Our team and advisors have a successful track record in launching crypto startups. We perform detailed due diligence of every project to make sure we bring only the best deals to our community. This investigation considers the project’s regulatory, legal, financial, and business capabilities.
Tier-based system
Our tier-based system is fully oriented toward the community and provides low entry and access to early-stage projects for users. GamesPad provides equal opportunities for GMPD holders to join every deal and invest in crypto gaming projects, depending on the number of tokens they locked.
Who is behind GamesPad?

GamesPad is an incubation of the BullPerks team – a crypto launchpad that reached 7355% of all-time high average returns on all deals in only 4 months after completing its private funding round.

Our network of advisors brings together industry experts with over 20 years of combined tech experience. It's a mix of talented individuals at the top of their fields who are here to create an exciting and successful journey from startup ideation to execution.

Our Investors and Partners
Phase 1
Q4 2022
  • Land sale 1st chapter $$$
  • Announcements and trailer
  • Economy & Design ready
  • Prototype of Game 1 ready
  • Backend framework alpha
Phase 2
Q2 2023
  • Backend framework beta
  • Game 1 Beta phase
  • Public demo event of a minigame
  • Early lobby version (launcher, mini city)
  • Metaverse frontend alpha
  • Innovative marketing tools alpha
Phase 3
Q4 2023
  • Game 1 Open Beta $$$
  • Mining minigame on land alpha.
  • Public Game 1 DEMO event
  • Metaverse frontend alpha
  • Innovative marketing tools alpha
Phase 4
Q2 2024
  • MetaPolis Asset Ready
  • Game 1 release on all platforms $$$
  • Metaverse Beta + event rollout
  • Additional open world mini game demo
Phase 4
Q4 2024
  • Game 2 prototype
  • Metaverse opening events $$$
  • Mining game on land beta $$$
  • Innovative marketing tools showcase
Phase 4
Q2 2025
  • Land sale 2nd chapter $$$
  • First season of MetaGames kickoff
  • Game 2 alpha
  • Game Editor alpha
Phase 4
Q2 2026
  • Game Editor beta
  • Game 2 release $$$
  • VR addons
  • New event types rollout $$$
Eran Elhanani
Founder, CEO
Founder of Part One Capital, a crypto investment firm. Advisor on multiple crypto projects. Elhanani is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned angel investor, speaker and previous Venture Partner in a boutique VC. He holds a BSc in Medicine, Computer Science, and Math.
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