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GamesPad Founder Internal AMA Recap

GamesPad Founder Internal AMA Recap

GamesPad: GamesPad Founder Internal AMA Recap 1

In the recent internal AMA, the founder and CEO of GamesPad, Eran Elhanani, shared with the community some updates about the upcoming IDOs and informed about the plans for the project. Eran Elhanani also encouraged the community members to refer the best projects preparing for an IDO to GamesPad. 

If you were unable to attend the live AMA, no worries, here is the AMA recap.

GamesPad admin: Dear GamesPad community, get ready for the internal GamesPad AMA session that will be open in 10 min. 

This group is muted now to let you focus and prepare all your questions for this AMA session with Eran Elhanani.

GamesPad admin: Hello everyone and welcome to the GamesPad internal AMA session.

Let us welcome our Founder & CEO Eran Elhanani who is here to give exciting updates.

Eran Elhanani: Hey everyone. Thanks for joining. And wish all is good with you guys.

I’m going to try to be short and efficient, which is my style. 

As you see the market is picking up and we’re trying to bring good deals to GamesPad. There is still a volatile market with Bitcoin ETF but we expect many deals launching from early Feb.

Even with ElseVerse, we expect the end of February to early March and it’s going to be a big one.

We announced many deals before and unfortunately, some of those got poached and attacked by competitors and bad actors in the space jealous of our success. 

As the web3 space is still maturing and not fully regulated these bad actors and unprofessional founders are still around and believe their actions will have no consequences which they will learn otherwise such as in the case of Octavia which signed a contract with us and breached it due to others influencing it. Both are illegal whether it’s tortious interference by the bad actors or breach of contract by founders. 

But in any case, we are not here to talk about bad actors and want to get better news.

So we do have a great pipeline coming up with many not yet announced and that will be announced closer to TGE.

In some cases projects only wanted to work with 1 platform so BullPerks only, or GamesPad only. 

In those cases, we are asking for bigger tickets and we will offer the other launchpad token holders an option to participate in the other launchpad IDO through a whitelisting process giving them similar allocation based on their tiers comparable to the other launchpad tiers.

We will be explaining that in more detail in the coming weeks but that just means that you’ll get an option to participate in more deals including ones that might be only on 1 Launchpad.

Maybe not all but definitely some including the upcoming IDO of CodeX for example.

We are also making big changes with our marketing and market making which you will see and hear of in the coming future as well as improve KOL reach and brand awareness. 

And we have a lot more in plan for GamesPad.

As always if you have any good deals you know about or are connected to then please let us know the admin or research team. Just try to bring them before they’re too hyped and announced all other launchpads.

We also follow trends and review and speak with multiple BRC-20 projects. We’re working very hard to bring you the best deals we can and we will win some and lose some. Hopefully I win more. 

Those we lose are probably not that great anyway.

And we will keep being professional and honorable and maintain our great reputation in the space. 

Thanks everyone for joining us and I appreciate your time and your constant support!

GamesPad admin: Thank you everyone for joining us today! Thank you Eran for sharing great news!

Eran Elhanani: Yes, it is and we will give more details about this option to participate in other launchpad deals next week. Just wanted to make sure the community understands we always think of them and try to take care of them. 

And they have deals to participate in ASAP. 

Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone.

GamesPad admin: Chat is now unmuted. Our admins are 24/7 here to help you.

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