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Recap: AMA With GamesPad CEO and Founder

Recap: AMA With GamesPad CEO and Founder

GamesPad: Recap: AMA With GamesPad CEO and Founder 1

In a recent internal AMA session on Telegram, GamesPad‘s CEO and Founder, Eran Elhanani shared updates on the upcoming IDOs, company news, and unveiled future plans.

If you were unable to attend the live AMA, fret not. You can get a comprehensive summary of this enlightening dialogue through the complete recap mentioned below!

GamesPad Admin: Hello everyone and welcome to the GamesPad internal AMA session.

Eran Elhanani: Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us.

As I’ve previously mentioned in my AMA with BullPerks, we’ve been busy building our project pipeline. To date, we’ve announced 9 deals but have secured around twice that number and continue to close more deals. We’re gearing up for a bustling Q1 with 20-30 potential deals in the pipeline.

At first glance, our projects may seem similar to BullPerks as our initial focus was to build a robust pipeline. However, as we journey further into the bull market (fingers crossed), you’ll begin to notice some differences, even though we’ll still engage in some joint launches.

While GamesPad is primarily a gaming, Metaverse, and NFT ecosystem, and Launchpad is geared towards those sectors, we will be pushing the boundaries slightly to incorporate AI, Music, and other somewhat related areas. We believe this additional diversity is beneficial. We believe this extra diversity will bring a healthy balance to our portfolio.

We have greater plans for GamesPad beyond just being a Launchpad. We’re looking at integrating games and forming more partnerships with gaming studios.

As the market starts to heat up, we may even consider introducing auctions and lotteries. Therefore, the use of our token won’t be confined solely to the Launchpad. We’ve also extended one of our pools for another 1.5 years. Despite concerns, this move didnโ€™t negatively impact our token price, and we’ve been trending in a positive direction overall. We hope this upward trend continues and people start recognizing the undervalued potential of our platform. Naturally, as we grow, so will the allocations we offer.

Now, let’s open up the chat for the community to ask questions, provide comments, or share feedback and suggestions. We’re all ears!

GamesPad Admin: Please respect our Founder and note that any questions unrelated to the AMA will be removed. If a user repeatedly asks irrelevant questions during the AMA, they will be muted for a day. I’ll be unmuting the channel shortly.

Eran Elhanani: Here’s your chance, everyone, to ask whatever you’d like.

Guja Oleg: I’m interested in purchasing the CRYPTO NINJA NFT, but it’s currently quite pricey. Are there any Christmas discounts available?

Eran Elhanani: You might want to take a look at the marketplace. There’s typically a motivated seller or two present.

Andrรฉ Kidess: Hello, could you share more about the upcoming plans for the Elseverse project?

Eran Elhanani: We’re making headway. Was announced for Q1.

Sanchos: Could you provide an update on the development and marketing progress of Elseverse? Also, is there a possibility for an equity deal on GamesPad?

Eran Elhanani: The project experienced a slower pace of progress due to the bear market, but with the recent improvement in the market condition, it’s now back in full throttle. The technology aspect is at quite an advanced stage, and we are now shifting our marketing efforts into high gear.

:): Can we have equity deal on GamesPad, please?

Eran Elhanani: Which one? We may consider sharing that option between both launchpads for the next deal.

:): I am eagerly hoping to secure some allocation in the Consensys deal. If I am assured of it, my happiness would know no bounds. I hold a higher tier on both launchpads.

Eran Elhanani: Message our CM or head of support @ItsHamza55, and we can look into it. 

Adam: Considering Bullperks has secured 150k while we currently have 50k, would you consider a higher raise for GamesPad, especially with the increased competition during the bull run?

Eran Elhanani: Yes, as I said, as we grow and have more holders, we will increase ticket sizes to accommodate the demand.

Facebook[Meta]: Will GamesPad also feature a Referral program?

Eran Elhanani: Yes, planned as well.

:): We understand that some exclusive deals on BullPerks are reserved for golden tiers and above. Will similar special deals be available for the Android tier and above on GamesPad?

Eran Elhanani: Potentially. As we grow we will definitely consider it.

Cric86: I believe the sharing of deal allocations between BullPerks and GamesPad should continue. Even a small allocation provides an opportunity. Looking forward to updates on Elseverse. I’ve been holding the founder pass since the beginning.

Eran Elhanani: Agreed.

Cric86: Anticipating updates on Elseverse with keen interest. I have been a holder of the founder pass since its inception.

Eran Elhanani: Good, it is progressing, and you will see the progress in the coming weeks. Okay, any final question?

Cric86: Yeah, please make 50k to 60k allocation for shared deals.

Eran Elhanani: We are and will be increasing it. Ok, thanks for being with us!

GamesPad Admin: Thank you, everyone, for joining us today! Thank you, Eran, for your answers and sharing great news!

Cric86: This team consistently exceeds expectations. I’ve been a loyal member of both BullPerks and GamesPad from their inception. Even during bearish periods, I was able to elevate my tiers. My heartfelt thanks to the team for consistently delivering exceptional opportunities.