GamesHUB #21 | Creating New Realities with 3D Generative AI in the Metaverse with the Co-Founder of brahmGAN

Meet our Guest:
Kirubakaran Reddy

Co-Founder & CBO at brahmGAN

With our Host:
Constantin Kogan

GamesPad & BullPerks Co-Founder, Partner at BitBull Capital

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Can you explain to our audience what 3D Generative AI and Metaverse are and how do they complement each other?

The generative way in general, I think there are a lot of generative ways out there now. I think everybody knows about Midjourney, which is two 2D generative ways, which was actually started by open AI and other people. Whereas the next internet will be powered by a 3D, right? 


That is metaverse. Right now there are 3D metaverse, but obviously the next generation internet will be 3D. So that is where the Meta comes into picture. But a 3D generative a is actually a niche area where like, not many people are working on it, but why that is important, cause it’s the metas industry going forward. 


Meta needs to be more creative for their users, they need to generate their own spaces, they can have their own spaces of their own metaverse in. So that’s how, you know, the meta 3D correlated because it has to go hand in hand to build the next generation 3D internet.

How can we educate and inspire individuals about the transformative power of the metaverse through the innovative capabilities of technologies like the deGen AI Network?

Nice question. There is always a centralization of these bigger models. That is a reason we are coming up with this network, which is a decentralized way. We wanted to do something decentralizing the generative, but since a generative is out there, which is centralized, the network wants to create an image to 3D, or video to 3D, or text to 3D. 


We are already developing video to 3D products which are already out there. So how this can help, take an example if anybody who has a smartphone can take a video of their fabric food or their bike car, and they can bring it inside the Meta, they can showcase it in the public. 


This is more of personalizing their meta space right now, why the web2 social media, these famous Meta or Facebook or other places are famous because they’re creating their personalized spaces.

How does generative AI contribute to the creation of unpredictable metaverse worlds, enhancing the immersive experiences for users?

That’s a nice angle to think about, actually. Definitely, when something good is happening, even the creator is thinking okay, if you give this kind of power to people, so people could actually come, there are more people who can actually walk into Meta, and the meta can boom. 


But again, maybe this adult industry could use this as a separate thing as what you are saying if it is an open forum where miners could actually expose themselves to this, they could use these two in a different way. But that could be through the artificial intelligence can actually do, or the metaverse, or even in the community, if you say like the web has a community, and even if you say the blockchain space which could also have a community as a validator for the spaces or videos which are put up in these kind of open spaces. 


If it is marked as spam or unable content or maybe a sort of an adult content, which could be marked and which cannot be shown to underage people who might use the Metaverse as well. Even based on applications who are going to use examples is using this particular tech. 

As the Co- founder of brahmGAN, could you please elaborate on the innovative methods and strategies your team has employed to achieve a 100X increase in speed for Game/Metaverse/3D UGC development with your 3D Generative AI Technology?

We are using the first product we have made live as a video to 3D product. Anybody can take a video in their smartphone and convert that into a 3D model, which can be used inside a META or a game. That means we need to actually have a mesh level output, right? For the models which are created because the model needs to be imported inside any of the gaming softwares. 

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