GamesHUB #5 | The Future of Play2Earn and NFT Gaming

Meet our Guest:
Hector Mayorga

Head of Gaming at Polker – the project that started a true Play2Earn and NFT gaming REVOLUTION. 🎮

With our Host:
Constantin Kogan

GamesPad & BullPerks Co-Founder, Partner at BitBull Capital.

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What’s your vision of the current state of the gaming industry?

My vision would be that it is going to grow no matter what because I grew up in an era where people were talking about games as a waste of time.

Here we are, in 2022 when gaming is actually taking over. It is changing the stigma of what gaming used to me for the majority.

I believe it is going to grow in a way where not only in crypto gaming, but also in the gaming itself, because so far there’s a lot of research and projects.

What are other advantages of the Play2Earn model?

In my perspective, other advantages of the Play-to-Earn model is that we’re having gamers being exposed to crypto and the NFT market. From there I can see there will be a smooth transition into the P2E model. This will not only expose them to the crypto market but also understand how the entire thing works

The other benefit would be growth of community; I prefer to be as open and responsive to everybody as possible. Your community is the growth of your P2E project.

What should a Play2Earn game have to be successful and outperform the competition?

For Polker, it is understanding what the community wants. We truly care what our community desires, we hear and see them, and do our best to show what a significant role they play in the gaming industry as an audience.

Our followers are gamers and they want to become a part of Polker and it is our obligation to make them feel they’re welcome here.

Most importantly, transparency. Be transparent to your community as much as possible and make them feel like they’re part of the crew.

What are other problems that a Play2Earn niche is facing today?

Some of the problems that I see is there’s no communication from the company to their community.

You have to keep it in mind: it is a Play-to-Earn space where everyone has to communicate openly on a daily basis. In order to advance, both sides: company and an audience have to share, help out, expose more, etc.

Another part is lack of transparency which can cause loss of trust between the both sides.

What are your predictions of the future of Play2Earn and NFT gaming?

The way I want to see it is to grow not only exponentially but also give the community what they’re asking for.

When it comes to playing a game, I personally love challenges so a project like us has to make sure they’re giving enough challenges to their community to keep that excitement.

What’s also profound is providing value of why the game is so important. Overall, all those aspects will bring the P2E NFT gaming to another level.

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