GamesHUB #8 | How Will Web 3.0 Redefine The Influencer Industry

Meet our Guest:
Evan Kubes

Founder of The Metaverse Insider, a GamesPad’s special advisor, and President of a global talent agency and media company Rumble Gaming.  He is also a Co-Founder of MKM Esports, one of the world’s most influential law firms and management agencies dedicated exclusively to esports and content creators. He’s also from The Quantum Insider, a leading resource dedicated to making Quantum Technology accessible through news, information, media, and data.

With our Host:
Constantin Kogan

GamesPad & BullPerks Co-Founder, Partner at BitBull Capital.

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What can content creators expect in Web 3.0?

Great question! What creators can expect from Web 3.0 is the ability of direct interaction with their audience without intermediaries. To look at it from a Metaverse perspective, the creators will be able to collaborate with brands in various ways, including 3D experiences.

For example, an influencer, focused on a healthy lifestyle. carries workouts and invites fans over to the digital world to have fun together. At the same time, this whole action is sponsored by a clothing brand therefore the creator and fans should be wearing workout clothes, as an instance.

In your opinion, what new opportunities can the metaverse open for content creators?

Content creators can increase their value by hosting virtual experiences and leveraging, for example, NFTs that enable influencers and brands to monetize these collaborative endeavors.

There are influencers that are digitizing themselves and can make their face relatively unknown to connect with their public on a whole different level. From a brand perspective, it allows them to evaluate brand safety.

What do you think is going to be the future with AI-generated influencers that bring content faster and high-quality? What will be the role of agents in such a situation?

It is a bit sad due to a lot of power becoming decentralized at the moment. However, for content creators, it’s very good because they own the distribution channels to their audiences.

People are already observing practical applications on a material level and it showcases where we’re headed. Plus, there’s so much money and smart individuals stepping into that space. In this way, it’s the matter of “when” the balance occurs between people and technology.

What are other opportunities for reader engagement, advertising, community building for publishers like Metaverse Insider in the metaverse?

Metaverse is establishing a new form of interactive and immersive experiences. In the traditional world and even digital media, there’s a concept, so called “fourth wall”. That stands for inability of direct interaction with a commercial brand or an advertizer.

The metaverse is breaking it down. Now, a fan can connect with his/her favorite influencer in the comments, do shoutouts, etc. You’re there right next to your idol physically in the digital world.

In the past there was this wall in the form of a movie as an instance occurring between you and Tom Hanks; people didn’t have that access to a celebrity across the screen.

Regarding magazines and news media like Metaverse Insider. Will we see their appearance in the metaverse? How will interaction with the news media look like in the metaverse?

Let’s take an example of myself. From the Metaverse Insider perspective, right now we’re partnering with Sandbox with an aim of creating a new stand where individuals can walk around and grab a newspaper.

Why is this important?

It allows you to get the news in real time and the newspaper itself will automatically update, so you can read while walking and interacting in the ecosystem.

We still need to think about how we actually make it all from a more engaging perspective for both our and the user’s sides.

What is the most important lesson you've learned over your career and collaboration with different creators?

Number 1 is being an agent and working with so many influencers among different age groups.

Number 2 is answer your emails: you never know what opportunities have been hanging there; some of them might be even shocking!

Number 3 is persistence and patience: the influencer industry is one of the most competitive and there’s no barrier to entry. No one wants to be a doctor or a lawyer anymore; everyone wants to be a Tiktok influencer and it is not as glamorous as it seems. But if you’re truly dedicated and persistent, you’ll be successful.

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